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Posted by on Mar 5, 2014 in Blog, Las Vegas | 0 comments

Doing It Doggie Style




Sorry to disappoint everyone, but today’s post isn’t about sex.

It’s about dogs, namely two cutesy canines I saw yesterday while driving on the streets of Las Vegas.

These weren’t your typical mutts.  To the contrary, these dogs know how to travel in style.

The photograph below is a close up-shot of a doggie driver who looks like he’s about ready to start the engine and drive away.  Gee, I wonder if he flashes his middle paw out the window and barks when other drivers cut him off in traffic?  And, how come he’s not wearing a seat belt?

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Posted by on Feb 24, 2014 in Blog, Las Vegas, Music and Concert Reviews, Restaurant Reviews | 1 comment

What Will Muzak Sound Like in 30 Years?




Last night, a group of us went to The Golden Steer.

Located west of The Strip on Sahara Blvd., The Golden Steer is Las Vegas’ quintessential old-world steakhouse.  First opened in 1958, it was the regular hangout for members of the famed Rat Pack.  Frank, Sammy, Dean, and their pals even had their own plush red-leather booth near the front entrance (which still remains the most requested table in the house).

As expected, the background music inside the dining room was exclusively from the mid-1950’s.  The set list included popular tunes we’ve all heard countless times before on hundreds of occasions.  Old-fashioned steakhouses, traditional Italian restaurants, and other upscale venues catering to older clientele (with money) usually pipe in a steady stream of these old standards as house background music, even though the legends who first performed the songs are long gone.  A cynic might say these are songs by dead people for the dying.

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Posted by on Feb 11, 2014 in Blog, Las Vegas, Personal | 5 comments

I Got Scammed on Craigs List!




I got scammed on Craigs List.

Scammers!  Cheaters!  Lying bastards!

Marieta warned me.  But I didn’t listen.  Husbands never listen, right?  I wanted to find a “good deal.”

The crooks looked honest.  They seemed nice.  They seemed to know what they were doing.  Then again, con artists always seem honest and nice, don’t they?  Hey — that’s why they’re con artists.

The scam began with a broken water pipe between the house and the street.  The last couple few months, our monthly water bill has tripled.  Plus, the driveway looks like it’s ready to cave in.  I’m just taking a wild guess here, but I think we might have a water leak.

Time to call a plumber.

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Posted by on Feb 10, 2014 in Blog, Las Vegas, Personal | 0 comments

I Feel Like I Just Smoked 50 Cartons of Cigarettes




A funny thing happened on the way to dinner tonight.

I was driving down the middle of the Las Vegas Strip and pulled up behind a shuttle bus.

The weather was pleasant.  Beautiful, in fact.  High in the low 70s.  My car windows were rolled down.

Everything seemed perfectly fine, until the traffic light turned green.  At that instant, the shuttle bus in front of me pulled away and left a massive black cloud of noxious exhaust.  The fog of poisonous gas engulfed the entire street.  The inside of the car became filled with smoke.  It was bad enough to make me cough severely, and end up gasping for air.  My eyes stung for the next several minutes.

What a health hazard!

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Posted by on Feb 2, 2014 in Blog, General Poker, Las Vegas | 1 comment

Wynn-Lose: Steve Wynn Flip-Flops Again on Online Gambling




Let’s make one thing perfectly clear.

Steve Wynn was in favor of online gambling long before he opposed it.  Big time.  As in so enthusiastically in favor of online gambling (and poker specifically) that he once signed up for a strategic business partnership with  You remember PokerStars, don’t you?  The world’s largest online poker site based over on the Isle of Man?

Now it appears Wynn has changed his mind.  Again.

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